Manufacturer HALO: In "Plastic Bottle Besieged City", seek environmental protection

Manufacturer HALO: In "Plastic Bottle Besieged City", seek environmental protection


Plastic bottles are one of the materials with higher recycling rate in the packaging, and according to the beach garbage collection list collected by the international environmental protection organization Ocean Conservancy in recent years, plastic beverage bottles have always been in the top 3 with the most garbage. They are made by humans, but they are not absorbed by nature. To get out of the "plastic siege", we must learn to turn waste into treasure! As a member of the RPET industry: HALO (ECOVELLA) uses plastic bottles discarded in oceans and landfills to create practical and fashionable daily necessities, which greatly reduces unnecessary waste.


Through several years of hard work, HALO (ECOVELLA) 

has made great achievements in RPET industry research and development, and has used RPET technology to produce a lot of life and clothing products, such as:

01. Multifunctional pet bag with environmental protection materials


Safe and stable, unlike ordinary pet bags, we added a thick wire frame on the top to provide additional stability and eliminate sagging corners or frills. It is designed for pets weighing 14 pounds. Our pet carrier can be expanded to create a comfortable area for your pets and allow more air circulation inside. It uses sides and top for ventilation to prevent pets from being trapped or enclosed. This pet bag can be folded and placed when not in use, saving space.

02、Environmental protection material insulation bag



The large-capacity insulated refrigerated bag is enough to hold the necessities for a family picnic! Whether it is camping, hiking, or BBQ, it is an excellent storage choice! The design of the shoulder strap and various carrying methods allow you to carry it easily. PEVA foil and 6mm EPE foam liner have great heat resistance and can well isolate the external heat. The high-quality fabric made of high-density waterproof and anti-fouling RPET fabric is very easy to clean.

03. Foldable shopping bags of environmental protection materials


Every time shopping large and small items need to be packed in plastic bags, causing great white pollution. If you have this folding shopping bag made of 100% environmentally friendly RPET fabric, you can contribute your own efforts to reduce plastic pollution on the planet! The cute puppy pattern adds a bit of fun to the shopping bag, while the colorful oil painting pattern is quite design. It is an indispensable fashion item for shopping! It is also a leader in storage, and the lightweight RPET fabric can reduce unnecessary load for you.