Halo's vision:

Aspire to become the first-class international high-end  professional supplier  in precision mold and plastic area. 


Halo's value:

Value Co-creation,  Value Co-share. 

Halo's spirit:

Pursuit of Excellence, Eager to Innovation

Halo's business philosophy:

Survival by Quality, Benefit by Efficiency, Development by Innovation.

Halo's management ideology:

The successful find ways, losers make excuses.
Thinking determines the outcome and the method determines the way out.
Attitude determines the height, and the details determine success or failure.
Tolerate failure, encourage innovation.
Attention to detail, continuous improvement.
With courage and responsibility on own work.
How greater your mind is, how bigger the world; how far your foresight is, how long your road.
Cultivate department leaders’ foresight and ambition, to motivate staffs’ sense of mission.
Share the results of rapid growth of the company with employee, work with pleasure and have a happy time.


Halo's Work Style: 

Teamwork & Quick Response

Halo's Product Objective: 

High-precision, High-reliability, High-stability

Halo's quality policy:

Innovative design, sophisticated manufacturing

Halo's service concept:

Timely, efficient, high-quality, considerate service.


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