Plastic Bottle Sewage Mould Customization

Plastic Bottle Sewage Mould Customization

The structure of the blow mold, casting mold and thermoforming mold is relatively simple.

 Compression molds, injection molds, and transfer molds have complex structures, 

and there are many parts that make up such molds. 1. Molded parts, including female molds,

 male molds, and various molding cores, are the inner and outer surfaces or upper and lower end surfaces, side holes, undercuts, and threads of molded products. 2. Supporting and fixing parts, including mold base plate, fixing plate, supporting plate, cushion block, etc., for fixing the mold or supporting pressure. 3. Guide parts, including guide posts and guide sleeves, are used to determine the relative position of the movement of the mold or ejection mechanism. 4. Core-pulling parts, including inclined pins, sliders, etc., are used to pull out the movable core when the mold is opened to demold the product. 5. Push out parts, including push rod, push tube, push block, push plate, push ring, push rod fixing plate, push plate, etc., to demold products. The customized injection molds of Yingdong Plastic Sewage Moulds are popularized by the use of standard mold bases.This mold base is composed of a set of basic parts whose structure, form and size have been standardized and serialized.The mold cavity can be processed according to the shape of the product. . The use of a standard mold frame is beneficial to shorten the mold making cycle. Fixed mold base plate (panel): Fix the front mold on the injection molding machine. Runner plate (nozzle plate): Remove the waste handle when opening the mold to make it fall off automatically (three plate mold). Fixed mold fixed plate (A plate): The front mold part of the molded product. The movable mold fixed plate (B board): the rear mold part of the molded product. The customized pad of the Yingdong plastic gutter mold: the mold feet, its role is to allow the top plate to have enough space for activity. Push plate: open When the mold is pushed, the product is pushed out of the mold by pushing out parts such as the top bar, the top block, and the inclined top. The movable mold seat plate (bottom plate): the rear mold is fixed on the injection molding machine. The guide post and guide sleeve: play a guiding and positioning role, assist The front and rear molds are opened, and the mold and the basic positioning. Yingdong Plastic Sewage Mold Customization


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