Customized process for injection plastic barrels and bottles

Customized plastic bottle process


   Light weight, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, reduce pollution, clean, and meet the requirements of various tests.

 The inspection representative shall comply with all relevant precautions and requirements imposed by the manufacturer's factory, and in particular, shall comply with the safety guidelines. Generally, the high heat that the iron drum can carry is 108 degrees, and the low heat is minus 70 degrees. Therefore, the temperature of the liquid contained in the iron drum should be from minus 40 degrees to zero to 60 degrees. The solution is only effective by controlling the blanking size. There are actually two types of plastic drums on the market. One is the blow molding process. The thin barrel is suitable for short-term use. This kind of price can be bought with an iron frame for a few hundred yuan. There is also a plastic barrel that is rolled. Plastic technology, strong barrel fastness and long use time, this price is generally more than a thousand, the process is different, the quality is different, the cost is different, the price is naturally different. What everyone knows is inorganic, commonly known as (from the English transliteration "Cyanide"), refers to the inorganic salt containing cyanide ion (CN-), can be considered as a salt of hydrogen (Hydrogen) cyanic acid (HCN), common There are and. A plastic bucket is a high-molecular polymer. Its raw material is white powdery polyvinyl chloride resin. Polyvinyl chloride is a hard and soft substance. In the industry, some plasticizers are usually added to make it soft. Some, and thus various plastic products.


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    Plastic containers have been used for a long time, and it is difficult to guarantee that some problems will not occur. So how to remedy the leakage of plastic containers in Weihai? Let me explain to you today: First of all, we have to confirm whether the excuse for plastic containers is iron or plastic. If it is iron, it must be welded. In the process of using plastic barrels, we will find that plastic barrels may be deformed. Today, the manufacturers of plastic barrels will introduce us how to prevent them: First, under normal circumstances, use the temperature of the liquid carried by the plastic barrels. It should be more appropriate from minus forty degrees to minus sixty degrees. If it exceeds this value range, when the device is heavier or the temperature is higher, protective measures should be taken for the plastic bucket to avoid deformation of the plastic bucket. The aging of plastic drums is a problem that troubles users. The reasons for the aging of plastic drums are introduced below. I hope it can help you. When the plastic barrel is formed, it is inevitable that the bottom will protrude into the barrel to form a spherical crown, so the foundation should be made into a spherical crown similar to the shape of the bottom. Most of them are highly toxic, so they are well known to the world. Therefore, the time of purchase depends on your actual use. The seam welding edge is too wide. If it exceeds this value range, when holding liquids with heavier weight or higher temperature, protective measures should be taken on the iron drum to avoid deformation of the iron drum. Whether in industry or life, there are many places where plastic drums are used, and what equipment is used to produce this product? The first thing I learned is that the extruder and the machine head are basically the same as the ordinary extrusion blow molding equipment. Then, the machines used to manufacture plastic buckets are relatively backward, and there are few control points for wall thickness, resulting in unevenness of the barrel body. Therefore, the standards for plastic buckets are relatively loose, but in actual use, because the thickness of the barrel wall is different If it is too large, it will cause deformation of the plastic barrel, so improving the production process of the plastic barrel is the key.



    Advantages of plastic barrels: high strength, corrosion resistance, good hygiene, safety and reliability. When the size of the seam welding lap is too wide, the inner diameter of the barrel will also become smaller, this situation is similar to the above-mentioned cutting size is too small. The second is parison disposal and installation. The tubular parison extruded by the extruder should be cut off through the installation, the bottom is fused and the neck is processed to make a test tubular bottomed parison. The above is the introduction of knowledge to prevent the deformation of plastic barrels. Welcome to come here to buy plastic barrel products. If it is plastic, you can find a piece of plastic material of the same quality as your water tank to ignite with fire, and then drip the melted plastic liquid to the leaking place. Melt a few more times, drip a few more times. The interface will be stronger. The weather is cold in winter, and some plasticizers are not cold-resistant, which causes the performance of the plastic bucket to change, that is, it becomes hard. When the weather is warm, the plasticizer has an effect, causing the bucket to become soft again. The plastic barrels produced by the plastic barrel factory are of good quality and superior performance. The factory should have the right to send a representative to accompany the inspection representative. Introduction to the degreasing process of galvanized iron drums Plastic buckets are often used in our daily life. The peanut oil we usually eat is packed in plastic buckets, and some of them are also bought and filled in plastic buckets. The third is parison heating installation. Parison heating is equipped with oven, heating sleeve, heating channel, etc. The heating method can be electric heating or infrared heating. When it comes to the relevant knowledge of plastic barrels, I believe that everyone is not unfamiliar, its application is everywhere we can see, and it is an indispensable product in our lives. In order to better meet the needs of the majority of users, it is in the current market. The supplied plastic drums are also various, of which 20 liter plastic drums are one of them. However, no matter where they are used, people sometimes find that their plastic drums are aging or wearing out quickly, and they will be replaced soon. Yes, how can this be avoided? Plastic barrels are made of polyethylene as the main material through blow molding, injection molding and other processing methods. They are not fragile, rust-proof, and light-weight.



    In addition, it is organic, formed by combining a cyano group with another carbon (C) atom through a single bond. However, in the process of using plastic buckets, we may accidentally cut a small hole, so how do we weld plastic buckets? The same material of plastic was burnt and dripped on the crack, and then pressed with a towel of wet water. If you are careful, the water will not leak. Plastic barrels can be used for food packaging, packaging of sauces, oils, vinegars, condiments, milk, lactic acid, etc. It should be carried out in accordance with the iron drum test/inspection procedures to ensure that the interference with normal production operations is reduced to a maximum extent. It is often used for the storage and transportation of various liquids, has good characteristics for special dangerous goods packaging, and has strong oil resistance and strong corrosion resistance. It can be used for dangerous goods packaging for heat insulation, moisture resistance, pressure resistance, and corrosion resistance. . Plastic drums are mostly used for the storage and transportation of various liquids. The following will introduce you to its related knowledge: First of all, plastic drums are mostly made of polyethylene, polypropylene and other plastics by blow molding or injection molding. Some filling liquids will damage the plastic bucket or plasticizer, which will also cause the aging of the bucket. Depending on the combination, the organic can be classified as nitrile (C-CN) and isonitrile (C-NC). Correspondingly, the cyano group can be called nitrile (-CN) or isonitrile (-NC). It can be solved by controlling the overlap size. There are also stretch installations. There are two kinds of stretch mandrels and stretch fixtures. These will affect the quality of the main production equipment of plastic barrels, so we must pay attention to it. Some plasticizers are volatile. After a long time of use, the plasticizer will naturally evaporate. This will cause the plastic barrel to become hard and cause aging

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    The structure is reasonable and firm, can be directly loaded and unloaded by forklift, and can be palletized. Problems with barrel forming equipment. Traceability during the test, during the test operation, the manufacturer of the iron drum should be able to provide traceability between the sample and the test piece and the test unit to which the sample and the test piece belong. Chemical packaging: packaging for fine chemicals, liquid fertilizers, treatment agents, cleaning agents, etc.; packaging: packaging for reagents, disinfectant, developer, setting fluid, distilled water, etc. Common are Hydrogen Cyanide, Sodium and Hydrogen. Some radiation or microbial or gas corrosion. Then, plastic barrels can be used in the packaging of liquid and solid items in agriculture, food, hardware, electronics, electromechanical and other industries. It has good characteristics for special dangerous goods packaging, is not fragile, does not rust, and is lightweight. Some barrel forming equipment uses hydraulic principles to complete flanging, bulging, and bulging. Application of the results of the mechanical test and chemical analysis of the iron drum factory The application of the closed iron drum to the non-specific and specific inspection test of the iron drum factory The non-specific inspection test of the iron drum factory can be inspected and tested according to a certain procedure, the purpose is to evaluate the use of the same Whether the products produced by the production process can meet the requirements of the order. Plastic buckets and their use What are the characteristics of the plastic bucket? Explain the correct storage method of plastic barrels. Analyze the molding technology of plastic barrels. Do you know the secrets of the bottom of plastic barrels? Share with you the appearance and functions of plastic barrels. The use of plastic in plastic barrels as engineering materials is still new. Which? What are the raw materials of the main plastic barrels? Can plastic barrels be used for food supplies? Can plastic barrels be used for food supplies? Professional plastics tell you that, according to the research team of the Basic Medical College of Tongji University, edible oil in plastic barrels will dissolve into harmful to humans. Plasticizer (Affiliation: High-molecular material additives). In addition, if it is a closed plastic drum and a 1000L container plastic drum, it can also be used to store or transport goods; it should be noted that some products can be used for hot filling, and the general temperature should not exceed 60.



    In the equipment adjustment, the action program was confused for some reason. The products inspected and tested are not necessarily the products actually supplied. It is convenient and quick to dispense liquid, and can be used over and over again, which helps the environment. For those composters with small family space, it is actually a very good choice to use plastic buckets for composting. The above is a brief introduction to plastic buckets. Users are welcome to purchase plastic buckets from us. But can plastic drums be shipped for all dangerous goods? Obviously, the answer is no. Scientist research results show that the chronic toxicity of plasticizers is mutagenic and sexual. For example, the flanging should be performed first and then the bulging, but the program becomes the opposite state, so the staggering phenomenon occurs in the action position, because the flanging force is large and the two ends of the ring rib are weaker due to bending at this time, resulting in two ring ribs. Deformation of the end. The specific inspection test of the iron drum factory is to inspect and test the products or test units (the supplied products are an integral part) according to the technical requirements of the order before delivery, the purpose is to check whether these products meet the order Claim. According to reports, plastic products made of polymer materials such as polyethylene or nylon (PA) are not toxic, but in order to make plastic products have more properties, such as enhanced flexibility, various additions are added Plasticizers (affiliation: high-molecular material additives), stabilizers, these additives may easily dissolve into the oil, causing chronic and sustained harm to human health and the natural environment (wēihài). The service life of plastic drums is different from that of plastic bottles. After drinking, plastic bottles are either recycled or recycled, and plastic drums can be reused due to the large range of use, and the development prospect is still very broad.

    The company produces: galvanized barrels, steel barrels, iron barrels, plastic barrels, chemical barrels, white latex barrels and other products.

    There is now an upward trend (trend), which has a lot to do with various chronic hazards. A plastic bucket is a container for liquids. It is made of various plastics. In the process of use, green moss often grows. So how to prevent it? First of all, we must understand the reason for its appearance: green Hair is a bryophyte. It contains two parts, the stem and the leaf. Sometimes it only has flat fronds and no real roots or vascular bundles. We often use plastic drums for packaging and transportation equipment. There are many types of equipment. For this reason, we must pay special attention when choosing on the market, because there are definitely so many products with poor quality. Let me introduce to you the method of judging the quality of the barrel: there is a difference in the color of the barrel made of new color materials and mixed with recycled materials. The color of the new barrel is pure and flawless. The barrel is smooth and bright. The barrel has a good light transmittance when looking inward. Even the barrel has a good light transmittance. As consumers, in order to avoid or reduce the hazards of plasticizers in plastic products, they change some living habits and have more safety awareness. Welding plastic parts, there are special plastic welding gun (air blow welding), and plastic welding rods of different materials. The barrel processed by the plastic barrel factory has passed the quality inspection and is a qualified product, and it has a complete range. As long as it is a customer's product, we will do our best to build it for you. What are the main factors influencing the price of plastic drums? What are the development and constraints of the old iron drum industry? Galvanized iron drums combined with food ingredients Galvanized iron drums are suitable for food even after washing. Bryophytes prefer dark and humid environments, so try to control the dry water before using plastic buckets. The items that can not be shipped in plastic packaging barrels are: dangerous goods requiring first-class packaging such as fuming sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric acid above 55% concentration, benzene, toluene, xylene, chlorobenzene, gasoline, condensate oil, liquid ammonia, Oxyethane, etc. For example, try not to use plastic products to hold high-temperature food. For example, do not use plastic film to wrap hot fritters, scones, do not use colored plastic bags to package cooked food directly, do not use microwave ovens to heat food in plastic containers, and use plastic cooking tools, such as plastic spoons, with caution . Just adjust the motion program to solve this problem. The test unit of the Iron Drum Factory simultaneously accepts or rejects scrapped batches or groups of products based on the testing of the sampled products according to the product standards or the requirements in the order.