Comments on "General Technical Requirements for Suppliers of Biodegradable Plastic Bottles"

Comments on "General Technical Requirements for Suppliers of Biodegradable Plastic Bottles"

HALO: During the public consultation period for the local standard "General Technical Requirements for Suppliers of Fully Biodegradable Plastic Bottles" in Hainan Province, the Working Group on "Plastic Reduction and Plastic Collection" of the China National Green Development Council and several social organizations jointly submitted submissions. Hereby released as follows.


The local standard of Hainan Province "General Technical Requirements for Suppliers of Fully Biodegradable Plastic Bottles" is open for public comments, which ends on January 23.

   We are a non-governmental environmental protection organization that has long been concerned about plastics issues. First of all, we are very satisfied with the "General Technical Requirements for Suppliers of Fully Biodegradable Plastic Bottles" concerning "the use of" biocontact "and" non-food contact "use of full biodegradable plastics in the logo. "Clauses, provide consumers with clear tips for judging whether the products can be used in food; secondly, the graphic sign is stipulated as" 00 ", and it is no longer allowed to be empty, and it is also convenient for us to promote the knowledge of the logo to residents . Based on our many years of work experience, we also put forward some suggestions for labeling and packaging. 1. The National Standardization Management Committee "General Technical Requirements for Environmental Protection, Safety and Labeling of Plastic Shopping Bags (GB 21660-2008)" has been officially implemented on June 1, 2008. Thickness), nominal load, graphic symbols, codes, materials and components, environmental protection instructions, safety instructions, manufacturers, categories, a total of 11 items, of which 10 are essential. If the product is a fully biodegradable bag, it should be implemented in accordance with the provisions of GB 21660-2008. Local regulations can be stricter than this standard, adding "non-food contact" and product information QR codes, so that there are 12 essential signs. But the marked items cannot be less than national standards. 2. According to the regulations of GB 21660-2008, the triangular graphic mark is a recyclable mark (Figure 1). When the garbage is sorted, it is usually put into a "recyclable barrel", but the whole biodegradable plastic can only be composted The product should not be placed in "recyclable barrels". Instead, use the "compostable" graphic and place it in "compostable barrels". You can refer to the signs of compostable degradation under European industrial composting conditions (Figure 2).

3. The environmental protection instructions should explain the time and conditions of degradation, storage methods, and shelf life, and indicate the production date. All these degradation conditions must be certified by the certification body. Products that do not meet the full biodegradation standard cannot be If you get a certification, you can't sell it. If you find that you sell products without certification, you will be treated as fake and shoddy products. 4. The surface of each fully biodegradable product must be marked, not only on the packaging, otherwise the public will not be able to distinguish the release and supervision during the garbage classification after use, and the relatively high price of fully biodegradable products will also require high supervision requirements , To eliminate illegal products requires fine management. 5. It is forbidden to use fully biodegradable shopping bags (with handles), only fully biodegradable flat bags are allowed, because flat bags cannot carry bags, and the load bearing can be lighter than shopping bags, making the whole biodegradable bags easier to degrade. Shanghai Wuding Road vegetable market, some markets in Qingdao only allow the use of flat bags, all customers bring their own cloth shopping bags, reducing the use of a large number of plastic shopping bags, which also proves the feasibility. 6. In order to prevent counterfeit products, you can track the usage of each merchant through a wholesale QR code. If the merchant does not have effective reduction measures and does not purchase full biodegradable products, it can be listed as a key inspection target. The QR code can also be used in automatic bag vending machines, which can help to use fully biodegradable bags in the food market. 7. Taking into account the characteristics of fully biodegradable products, plastic bottle packaging should not be packed in cartons, woven bags or films. It is suitable for reusable tote boxes. The tote boxes can be used with automatic bag vending machines. The closed state helps to improve the shelf life of all biodegradable products. You can set two shelf life periods for automatic sales and manual sales to encourage automatic sales. 8. It is necessary to establish a sound supervision system instead of relying on the price of financial subsidies. If subsidies already exist, a certain period of time must be set to reduce the subsidies year by year. Because the total biodegradable bag is at least 0.3 yuan / piece, and the illegal plastic bag is about 0.05 yuan / piece. If the subsidy is high and the price is cheap, residents can use it at will, which will waste a lot of financial funds and natural resources. There is little subsidy and no supervision. Illegal plastic bag. In the future, with the mass production of fully biodegradable products, prices will drop. In order to reduce the use of disposable products and protect natural resources, the consumption tax on disposable products should also be increased.