Garbage classification raises "Limited Plastic Products" plastic bottle manufacturers to f

Garbage classification raises "Limited Plastic Products" plastic bottle manufacturers to face challenges

On May 1, the newly revised “Regulations on the Management of Domestic Waste” came into effect, which clearly mentioned that ultra-thin plastic bags must not be used in retail outlets such as supermarkets, shopping malls and bazaars. In conjunction with the "Opinions on Further Strengthening the Control of Plastic Pollution" (abbreviation: Plastic Restriction Order) issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment on January 19, it is known that the relevant regulations on the use requirements of non-degradable disposable plastic products Plastic bottles suppliers, spray bottles suppliers are facing a new development opportunity.

During the Labor Day holiday, a reporter from the "Securities Daily" visited some offline supermarkets in Beijing. At present, the number of free continuous roll bags is still very alarming, and the packaging of e-commerce platforms has not deliberately used plastic products to replace them. Goods. "The packaging of specific commodities is done in stores, and the platform only provides handbags," an e-commerce platform mentioned to a reporter from the Securities Daily.

Plastic bottle manufacturers large companies are continuing to be pessimistic

"Are there any volunteers who are willing to do waste sorting and promotion work?" "Securities Daily" reporters saw that in the owner community of a community in Beijing, around April 30, there were property staff planning how to promote waste sorting knowledge.

The newly revised “Regulations on the Management of Domestic Waste in Beijing” show that in addition to the regulations on household waste, there are also references to the use of plastic products in supermarkets, shopping malls, bazaars and other commodity retail venues.

In this regard, HLAO Plastics related person said in an interview with a "Securities Daily" reporter that, in fact, Wumart began using tolled plastic bags as early as 2008 to support environmental protection. Wumei also fully supports the "Beijing Municipal Waste Management Regulations" to be implemented this time. In terms of plastic bag specifications, the thickness of the plastic bags sold by Wumart is 0.027 mm, which meets the national use standards.

During the interview of the "Securities Daily" reporter, many consumers mentioned that the lack of alternatives caused inconvenience in shopping, which is still the main reason for preventing the use of plastic products. This also means that the market for alternative products is still greatly developed. space.

Previously, a brokerage research report mentioned that in response to the plastic restriction order, leading paper-making enterprises have increased their technological layout and production capacity, and the strong one is Hengqiang. The launch of the new version of the plastic limit will bring huge industry opportunities to the paper industry. In the face of the increase in demand for related paper products brought by the plastic limit, how paper companies will upgrade their technology, carry out production capacity layout and improve the industrial chain will determine the company's ability to Whether to seize this opportunity. Leading enterprises are expected to further increase their market share by virtue of their scale advantages, raw material cost advantages and technological advantages; in order to meet the white cardboard demand brought by the plastic restriction order and seize new opportunities in the industry, white cardboard leading enterprises focus on upgrading technology, especially food Grade white card technology, the proportion of R & D expenses has increased year by year; leading companies in the waste paper industry have accelerated the integration of the industrial chain, accelerated the layout of overseas production capacity, and actively responded to the demand for cardboard paper replacement. Leading companies are expected to take full advantage of the new opportunities to limit plastics and further increase the industry concentration.

It takes time for the actual benefit of the enterprise

Some people in the company mentioned in the "Securities Daily" that the plastic restriction order does bring benefits to the company. However, due to sales channels and market distribution, it is currently difficult to say that the business has a substantial impact, and it will take time for the actual benefits.

In 2018, the "Research Report on Sustainable Development Practices of Retail Enterprises" released by the China Chain Store & Franchise Association showed that for retail enterprises, the lack of alternative products is the main problem in reducing the use of non-degradable disposable plastic products.

Regarding whether the replacement of plastic products will increase operating costs, the above-mentioned HALO plastics person told the "Securities Daily" reporter, "HALO began to trial the plastic bag charging policy as early as 2008. Bags are facing a sudden increase in usage, but with the passage of time and consumers' understanding of environmental protection, at present, even roll bags and charged plastic bags are under normal cost control. . "

However, the above-mentioned HALO group also admitted that although the cost of continuous roll bags is within the control range, some consumers still use free continuous roll bags instead of plastic bags. In fact, the roll bag is a primary packaging product, and the safety level and quality level cannot be compared with the charged plastic bags, nor can it directly contain cooked food and overheated products. "I hope that after the introduction of the New Deal, consumers can bring more reusable shopping bags. To avoid wasting bags. "