plastic bottles suppliers start to reduce the use of disposable plastic products

plastic bottles suppliers start to reduce the use of disposable plastic products

Earlier, the People's Daily published a sharp review of "less use of disposable plastic products", calling on everyone to raise awareness of environmental protection and reduce plastic pollution from their own.

From some public information, we can find that China's output of plastic products reached 71.995 million tons from January to November 2019. Plastics are widely used in various industries due to their advantages of being light and strong, easy to process, and cheap. In this huge output, many belong to "disposable plastics", namely spray bottles, 4 oz spray bottles bulk, bulk plastic bottles, etc. These plastic products are very easy to make and bring infinite convenience to our daily life, but they bring great inconvenience to the natural environment. Taking spray bottles as an example, if it is disposed of in a landfill, the degradation time required is more than 400 years. This means that our convenience will continue to cause damage to the earth for more than 400 years. What is more terrible is that we are accumulating such damage to nature every day. Although many companies have begun to study how to overcome plastic pollution, it still takes time to use it on a large scale.

In addition, the waste of plastic bottles randomly discarded in the mountains and forests and on the seashore is unimaginable after being discovered and eaten by small animals. In a sharp review published by the People ’s Daily, the plastic-filled sperm whale, deer, and turtles entangled in plastic fishing nets were mentioned. The demise of these lives is also related to humans discarding disposable plastic products at will. In addition to nocturnal animals, humans are also inadvertently invaded by plastic products. Plastic products contain "mini plastic particles", so "micro plastic particles" are widely present in our food, water and even air. Although there is currently no scientific evidence that microplastics can directly harm human health, some researchers say that some "miniplastic particles" are small enough to enter human organs and trigger an immune response.

Therefore, at present, the only way to reduce the superimposed damage to the earth is to reduce the use of disposable plastic products from our own. And many provinces and cities in China have consciously joined the ranks of "plastic ban". Beijing officially started implementing garbage classification on May 1st this year, requiring any form of business and supermarket to ban ultra-thin plastic bags, and at the same time not to provide free plastic bags; Hainan took the lead in the "banning plastics" throughout the country at the end of this year; The first batch of "Net Plastic City" will be named. Because I know the terrible plastic pollution

On January 19 of this year, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment announced the "Opinions on Further Strengthening the Control of Plastic Pollution". By the end of 2020, China will take the lead in prohibiting and restricting the production, sales and use of some plastic products in certain regions and areas. By 2022 At the end of the year, the consumption of disposable plastic products was significantly reduced, and alternative products were promoted.

As plastic bottles suppliers, when we realize that plastic pollution will cause harm to every organism on the planet, we will minimize the use of plastic products, especially disposable plastic products, and will also contribute to sustainable development. Finally, it ends with a story I heard when I was a kid.

The man asked the child who was throwing the small fish in the puddle back to the sea and said, "Child, there are hundreds or thousands of small fish in this puddle. You can't save it."

"I know." The little boy answered without looking up.

"Oh? Then why are you still throwing? Who cares?"

"This little fish cares!" The boy answered as he picked up a fish and threw it into the sea. "This one cares, this one also cares! There is this one, this one, this one ..."

The ban on disposable plastic products is about every life on earth