Has your plastic tray faded? Plastic bottle manufacturers analyze the fading of plastic products for

Has your plastic tray faded? Plastic bottle manufacturers analyze the fading of plastic products for you!


Release time: HALO Plastic Industry Technology Co., Ltd. official account

Out of considerations such as beautiful appearance and convenient management, many plastic pallets are produced and processed into a variety of colors.

The plastic products we use every day also have many colors, which can beautify and facilitate our lives.

But for its color fixing ability, it is also a major issue that everyone needs.

Jinshanglai Plastic Industry will talk to you today about which factors are related to the color fixing ability of plastic colors?

Under what circumstances is it prone to discoloration?

1. Temperature range of plastic products

Heat resistance refers to the tolerance of plastic products to the ambient temperature during processing and use.

A good plastic pallet will not have obvious color changes and performance changes within the applicable temperature range.

Some plastic products may not be suitable for use in high temperature or freezing environments.

Everyone should pay attention to these problems, so as not to affect the performance.

2. Colorants for plastic products

The colorant used in plastic products will be decomposed by high temperature during processing and production.

When mixing, be sure to stir evenly, without impurities.

Such high temperature processing will change the color of the plastic tray.

Therefore, the temperature tolerance of colorants is also a problem to be considered by plastic tray manufacturers.

3. Light resistance of plastic products

General light resistance refers to how tolerant to sun exposure.

In this environment, it is also accompanied by oxidation problems.

Therefore, the plastic tray and its additives have better resistance to ultraviolet rays and oxidation, so that the service life of the tray can be longer.

4. Acid and alkali resistance of plastic products

Colored plastic products have different acid and alkali resistance, and some plastics are exposed to chemicals.

Or acid and alkali corrosion may cause discoloration, and even affect the performance.

Different materials have different resistance to acids and bases.

Plastic products such as plastic pallets are tested for chemical resistance, and the materials are tested.