Plastic bottles are used as warm clothes, the face cream has a "replacement", and debuted

Plastic bottles are used as warm clothes, the face cream has a "replacement", and debuted at the C position of "green"

100% degradable paper cups, warm clothes made of plastic bottles, replaceable packaging creams, thinner plastic packaging laundry liquids, hydrogen fuel vehicles ... As "garbage sorting" becomes more and more popular in China, many companies also carry the world's advanced Environmental protection products came to Jinbo. In the major exhibition areas of the Expo, "Environmental Protection Green" has penetrated into various aspects such as "clothing, food, housing, housing and shopping", and many companies' "green orders" have also increased a lot compared with the first session of the Expo.

Plastic bottles and waste fishing nets can make clothes

5 mineral water bottles can be made into a warm clothing filling material, this is the green technology brought by 3M. The four containers on the stand are plastic bottle flakes, polyester masterbatch, raw silk fiber and 100% recycled thermal insulation materials, demonstrating the main process from PET bottles to clothing.

Caption: Sustainable environmental packaging at the Amcor booth is dazzling

At the booth of Formosa Plastics, a green sportswear was displayed. At first glance, there is nothing strange about the clothes. It is actually made of environmentally friendly silk recycled from waste silk and waste fishing nets, which is amazing. The other piece of clothing is made of biodegradable polyester yarn. It takes 450 years for ordinary cloth to be buried in the soil to decompose, and this clothing only takes 3 years.

Statistics show that one-third of urban household waste is packaging waste. How to "slim down" the packaging to achieve waste reduction? Many companies use their brains. For example, Kao has developed a replaceable "environmentally friendly packaging bag" for laundry detergent, which can not only be used directly with the container rack, but also made of thinner plastic to reduce the use of plastic. After using environmentally friendly packaging bags, the plastic used to make packaging can be reduced by 74%.

Caption: The replacement of Lancome cream reduces the average packaging volume

Environmentally friendly packaging also appeared in the skin care products booth. Lancome brought a "replaceable" cream, which can be used in the original bottle as long as you buy a refill. This design can reduce the average packaging volume of the product, and the overall weight can also be reduced by 39%. They also designed the box to be "zippered", so there was no need to wrap a circle of tape again.

Caption: Kao Laundry Liquid has developed replaceable packaging to reduce plastic usage

Green sustainable packaging is extremely concerned

In a country where people eat food, food packaging is also a major source of garbage. Dozens of Amlite sustainable environmentally friendly packaging were displayed at the Amcor booth in Australia. The person in charge introduced that "green packaging" uses silicon plating technology to replace the aluminum foil layer in traditional packaging, which can achieve 100% recycling and can also be made into transparent packaging.

"Green packaging adopts the 3R principles of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, and is committed to reducing carbon emissions, reusing packaging, or recycling packaging. For example, replacing flexible packaging with flexible packaging or reducing the number of layers of flexible packaging can reduce carbon emissions." The person in charge said that compared with last year's Expo, Shanghai's implementation of domestic waste classification is an opportunity for the environmental protection packaging industry. "This year, many buyers have come to ask about sustainable packaging, and they are paying close attention to it. A lot more. "

Coincidentally, a degradable paper cup from Indonesia's Jinguang APP has also become a focus of attention. The paper cup is made of raw wood pulp, which can be recycled 5-7 times. Not only does it reduce the demand for trees, but the recycled fiber can also directly enter the factory to produce other forms of renewable base paper. The staff at the scene said that the secret lies in the "smooth" coating film in the ordinary paper cup, which was replaced with a water-based leaching film of biodegradable biomass formula, which can be used for composting after decomposition. "This technology is also used in many products such as food cards and meat product boxes. Consumers will see the foopak logo in the future, which means it is degradable," the employee said.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are almost pollution-free

In addition to daily necessities and fast-moving consumer goods, a lot of "green" products also appeared in the equipment exhibition area of this year's Expo. For example, "garbage sorti