10 management points for blow moulding tray crushing room

10 management points for blow moulding tray crushing room, do you know?

The management of the scrap room is also more important for blow-moulded trays.

What processes does it need to pay attention to in daily management?

1. Develop a management system and work guidelines for crushed materials.

2. The nozzle material of the blow molding tray manufacturer's chip chamber needs to be classified / divided.

3. Separating the partition to separate the granulator to prevent particles from splashing and causing interference.

4. Seal the crushing bag in time, and stick the label paper (specify: raw material name, color, color powder number, crushing material and crusher date, etc.).

5. Number / mark the granule machines, and use, lubricate and maintain the granule machines.

6. Periodically check / tighten the blade fixing screws.

7. Transparent / white / light-colored water needs to be fixed on the machine for crushing (preferably separate material room).

8. When changing the nozzle material of different materials to smash, thoroughly clean the crusher and blade to keep the environment clean.

9. Blow-moulded tray manufacturers need to perform labor protection (wearing earplugs, face masks, eye masks) and safety production management on workers who perform crushing work.

10. Do professional shredder training, job responsibility training and management system training.