Do n’t throw an empty plastic bottle.

Do n’t throw an empty plastic bottle. Simple production will still be useful in life.

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Plastic bottles are a waste product in life. Whether it is a large plastic bottle or a small plastic bottle, we usually throw it away. In fact, we can use these plastic bottles again to make some simple storage tools. It is also very practical to keep it at home. What is going on? Please look at the officer to follow along with the editor to find out.

Large bottles of Coke or Sprite that we usually drink, we can clean it and dry it, and then use scissors to cut out the middle part. Pay attention to safety when cutting.

The position of the edge we need to trim it flat with scissors, and then bake the edge with a lighter, this can play a role to prevent cutting hands.

This kind of production can be placed on the coffee table at home, which is used to store some snacks that can not be eaten once. Usually, when buying snacks, there are many snack packages, which cannot be stored well after opening. We can put these snacks that can't be eaten all at once in this prepared plastic bottle, which can play a good preservation role, and such plastic bottles will not be too ugly on the coffee table.

If it is a small plastic bottle and the color is darker, we can simply remodel it and put it in the house for two more functions.

We can prepare 5 identical plastic bottles, and then cut off the mouth of the plastic bottle. The edges also need to be trimmed and flattened with scissors, and baked with a lighter.

The next thing to do is to paste the five cut plastic bottles together. When pasting, you must stick them firmly. The bottle cap is attached to the bottom of the plastic bottle, which can serve as a support.

After pasting, we need to drill some small holes in the bottom of the plastic bottle with an electric soldering iron or scissors to drain water.

For such a production, we can use it as a pen holder and put some stationery on the desk, such as scissors, which are more convenient, so that our desk will not look too messy.

You can also use these 5 plastic bottles to grow flowers and plants, because its color is dark, and it can meet the requirements of a flower pot. After installing the soil, you can directly plant the plants you want to plant.

There are actually many kinds of clever use of plastic bottles in life.