Can plastic bottles make seats?

Can plastic bottles make seats? Don't believe it! This car will be applied

The concept of sustainable development has always been one of Audi's core strategies, running through technology research and development and manufacturing. Recently, Netcom learned from Audi China that the new Audi A3 will be based on the concept of sustainable interior decoration, and seat interiors made of recycled materials will be used for the first time in the new A3.

The new A3 uses recycled plastic bottles as PET plastic bottles. 45 PET bottles with a capacity of 1.5 liters can be used to make a seat system. Carpets are made from 62 recycled PET plastic bottles.

The new car offers three different seat material designs. The utilization rate of recycled materials is as high as 89%. The three seats are Torsion materials with yellow contrast stitching, "Puls" materials, and black and silver. . In addition, the car will also be available in red and black colors with contrast stitching, and these materials can also be modified with artificial leather side cushions.

Regarding the application of recycled seat fabrics, Ute Grnheim, head of textile materials at Audi Materials Development, said: "Our goal is to use recycled materials to make the entire seat for recycling. We are not far from this goal." Seat fabrics for all Audi models will be gradually added with recycled materials.