Possible hazards caused by plastic bottle manufacturers' products

Possible hazards caused by plastic bottle manufacturers' products

It should be noted, however, that in some microwave lunch boxes, the box body is made of poly and the lid is made of polyethylene. When describing the bottle formula, first determine whether the types of plastic raw materials can meet the requirements of equipment molding. Mechanical phenomenon: pinching the bottle, throwing the bottle and receiving the bottle can explain the action of force and the three elements of force. Putting water into a plastic bottle on another sheet of paper, twitching the paper when the bottle is not moving can explain the inertia. Appropriate cooling circuit should be used to ensure the uniformity of mold temperature to eliminate warpage and deformation of plastic parts. Several aspects that should be paid attention to when using chemical plastic barrels are: chemical plastic barrels must be filled with dangerous goods and the sealing must be strong, so that there is no leakage or spillage of chemical plastic barrels. The quality of the preform largely depends on the quality of the PET materials. Materials that are easy to inflate and easy to shape should be selected, and a reasonable preform molding process should be drawn up. Some ingredients of this raw material contain unsaturated bonds, such as olive oil. Dishwashing Liquid Plastic Bottle Manufacturers


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The laundry detergent bottle should also have the characteristics of convenient use. The opening of the solid plastic bottle should be opened to facilitate the setting, and it can be opened and closed at will. It should be convenient to pour the contents out, and there should be no splashes. In the traditional processing industry and manufacturing industry, many industries have related standards and specifications for their products. In addition, when the bottle is used to hold wine, vinegar, etc. For example, a series of cosmetics of a certain brand maintains the overall design style and then packs various cosmetics in a large circle container. Fully automatic one-step injection, stretching, and blow molding air molding machine completes the injection molding blank tube, stretch blow molding, and demolding in one step. No flash, no nozzle material, fewer defects, mouth, bottom, crack line, higher transparency, Higher rigidity. The question is about quantity. As a key element connecting transportation, storage, packaging, loading and unloading, handling and other logistics-related links, pallets are used with forklifts to open up broad prospects for logistics efficiency and low cost, and are an important tool for enterprises to reduce logistics costs and improve logistics operation efficiency. . Disinfecting wipes box

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Please remember to take them off before heating in the microwave. How to prevent the aging of the plastic bottle, you can also use it to hold paint, ink, etc. The laundry detergent bottle is very solid, and there will be no liquid leakage. The manufacturing principle of the spray bottle is to form a high-pressure system in the bottle, and spray the liquid in the bottle in the form of extremely fine water particles under a higher pressure drop. Look at the high temperature resistance of the barrel. So don't use fast food boxes to pack high-temperature food. The development and utilization of new materials have met the increasing demand for cosmetic packaging. However, as long as the skin care products that are simply eaten in the air and exposed to the air in a large area, they should be used as soon as possible after opening. The products packaged in this kind of laundry liquid bottle cannot be used up and left in the next year. ). Disinfectant packaging bottle

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L edible oil plastic bottles are commonly used containers for many households to brew liquor. Additives have many different names according to the functional difference of additives to improve plastics. At the same time, the crushing of waste materials in the plastic bottle production process can also greatly improve production efficiency. Pet slices usually use a centrifugal dehydrator to reduce the moisture content of the slices to 2%, and then use a belt or tube dryer to reduce the moisture content to 0.5%. Pet does not contain aluminum impurities, even a small amount of aluminum impurities will affect the recovery of the pet Therefore, the aluminum content in recycled pet should be less than 50×10-6. Although this marking method is mainly for the convenience of plastic recycling, consumers can also know what materials are used in plastic products, what they are used for, and in what environment they should be used. Whether it is blow molding or injection molding, it is a plastic processing process. The process and methods of plastic bottles in the production process For cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers, although glass cosmetic containers are located in the high-end packaging market, we all know that packaging in the low-end market can effectively move and gain more customers. Spray plastic packaging bottle

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HDPE At present, most of the plastic bags and plastic bottles used in supermarkets are made of this material, which can usually withstand high temperatures of ℃. Mold design is a key link to improve the overall quality of the mold, which requires us to consider all aspects of influencing factors. New-style plastic bottles can automatically disappear after being discarded to ensure the mechanical properties, formability, rationality of the mold structure and processing of the plastic container, and the use conditions of the container. What are the raw material requirements for plastic bottles in cosmetic packaging? The empty bottle consists of a cylindrical oval container and a piston at the bottom. Environmental protection and safety, plastic bottles are often used in food packaging, packaging and other fields, so their safety and environmental performance is important. In short, plastic bottle packaging is closely related to our daily life and has changed our lifestyle. Brings convenience and safety to our lives. In-mold labeling technology will be more and more widely used in cosmetics, washing products, daily chemical industries and other industries and will become more and more popular with consumers. Laundry detergent bottle