Equipment List

       We have advanced processing equipment, such as blowing machine, injection machine, which can do HDPE, LDPE, PP, TRITAN,PS and PVC blowing directly , and 2 steps PET, PCTG injection blowing machine. Injection machine is used for bottle, cap and some other components, our products are widely used in food, beverage, cosmetic , medical, household and chemical industrial, etc.


1 Bottle blowing machine HwamdaHMD218-M3HONG KONG1
2 Bottle blowing machine HwamdaHMD168-M3HONG KONG1
3 Bottle blowing machine HwamdaHMD128-M3HONG KONG1
4 Bottle blowing machine Hwamda320-M6HONG KONG1
5Bottle blowing machine HwamdaM8HONG KONG1
6 Bottle blowing machine SUPERSPB-1LHONG KONG1
7  Bottle blowing machine SUPERSPB-5LDHONG KONG1
8 Bottle blowing machine SUPERSPB-5LDHONG KONG1
9  Bottle blowing machine SUPERSPB-1.8LD PETGHONG KONG1
10 Bottle blowing machine SUPERSPB-1.8LD PETGHONG KONG1
11 Bottle blowing   machine Tongsheng SUPER-1.8LCHINA1
12 Bottle blowing   machine Tongsheng SUPER-1.8LCHINA1
13 Bottle blowing   machine Tongsheng SUPER-1.8LCHINA1
14 Bottle blowing machine  SANLIAN BT-18HCHINA1
15 Bottle blowing machine  SANLIAN BT-18HCHINA1
16 Bottle blowing machine  SANLIAN BT-20HCHINA1
17Fully electric injection machine    TOSHIBA EC130SXII JAPAN1
18 Fully electric injection   machine TOSHIBA EC230SXIIJAPAN1
19Injection machine KM   PD550-KS JAPAN1128 tons
20Injection machine KM   PD550-KS JAPAN1128 tons
21 Injection machineKM  PD98-KX JAPAN1128 tons
22 Double injection   machine  Nissei  NEX15  JAPAN1
23 Injection machine HENHUIJH6LCHINA1128 tons 
24 Injection machine  HENHUIJH6LCHINA1128 tons 
25 Injection machine 128   tons HENHUIJH12LCHINA1
26 Injection machine   200  tonsCHEN HSONG MK6HONG KONG1Mitsubishi   quality system)   
27 Injection machine   200  tonsCHEN HSONG MK6HONG KONG1 Mitsubishi quality   system  
28 Injection machine   200  tonsCHEN HSONG C3HONG KONG1Mitsubishi   quality system)   
29 Injection machine   200  tonsCHEN HSONG C3HONG KONG1Mitsubishi   quality system)   
30 Injection machine   200  tonsCHEN HSONG SPEEDHONG KONG1Mitsubishi   quality system)   
31 Injection machine   200  tonsCHEN HSONG SPEEDHONG KONG1Mitsubishi   quality system)   
32 Injection machine   200  tonsCHEN HSONG TP AdvancedHONG KONG1Mitsubishi   quality system)   
33 Injection machine   200  tonsCHEN HSONG TP AdvancedHONG KONG1Mitsubishi   quality system)   
34 Injection machine   200  tonsDonghua  380F2VHONG KONG1
35 Injection machine   200  tonsDonghua  380F2VHONG KONG1
36 Injection machine   200  tonsDonghua  380F2VHONG KONG1
37Injection stretch blow machinesFlanders RF SERIESTAIWAN1
38Injection stretch blow machinesFlanders RF SERIESTAIWAN1
39Injection stretch blow machinesFlanders RF SERIESTAIWAN1
40Injection stretch blow machinesJINYE Y9   SERIESCHINA1
41Injection stretch blow machinesJINYE Y9   SERIESCHINA1
42Injection stretch blow machinesJINYE Y9   SERIESCHINA1
43Injection stretch blow machinesJINYE Y9   SERIESCHINA1
44Injection stretch blow machinesJINYE Y9   SERIESCHINA1
45Injection stretch blow machinesJINYE Y9   SERIESCHINA1
46Injection stretch blow machinesFUXIN HF   SERIESCHINA1
47Injection stretch blow machinesFUXIN HF   SERIESCHINA1
48Injection stretch blow machinesFUXIN HF   SERIESCHINA1
49Injection stretch blow machinesFUXIN HF   SERIESCHINA1
50Injection stretch blow machinesFUXIN HF   SERIESCHINA1
51Injection stretch blow machinesFUXIN HF   SERIESCHINA1
52Injection stretch blow machinesFUXIN HF   SERIESCHINA1
53Injection stretch blow machinesFUXIN HF   SERIESCHINA1
54Extrusion blow molding machine  Hwamda  QDPC-400HONG KONG1
55Extrusion blow molding machine  Hwamda QDPC-400HONG KONG1
56Extrusion blow molding machine  Hwamda QDPC-400HONG KONG1
57Extrusion blow molding machine  Hwamda  QDPC-400HONG KONG1
58Extrusion blow molding machine  Hwamda QDPC-400HONG KONG1
59Extrusion blow molding machine  Hwamda QDPC-400HONG KONG1
60Extrusion blow molding machine SUPER DW-10THONG KONG1
61Extrusion blow molding machine SUPER DW-10THONG KONG1
62Extrusion blow molding machine SUPER DW-10THONG KONG1
63Extrusion blow molding machine SUPER DW-10THONG KONG1
64Extrusion blow molding machine LESHANSCJ-65K+S2X4HONG KONG1
65Extrusion blow molding machine LESHANSCJ-65K+S2X4HONG KONG1
66Extrusion blow molding machine LESHANSCJ-65K+S2X4HONG KONG1
71  Lathe machineFengbao  C0520B  SHANGHAI1
72  Lathe machineFengbao CNCO32SHANGHAI1
73Milling machineFengbao FTM-S3TAIWAN1
74Milling machineFengbao  FTM-S4TAIWAN1
75Milling machineFengbao FTM-3SVS TAIWAN1
76Milling machineFengbao FTM-4SVAG-LTAIWAN1Computer Numerical Control
77 CNC Taikan T-8TAIWAN1Computer Numerical Control
78 CNC Creative XTH-850SHANGHAI1
79Silk-screen printing machine 1Aily GroupV88TAIWAN1Use Marabu eco-friendly ink
80Silk-screen printing machine 2Aily GroupV88TAIWAN1Use Marabu eco-friendly ink
81Silk-screen printing machine 3ZhengriZH-12MCHINA1Use Marabu eco-friendly ink
82Silk-screen printing machine 4ZhengriZH-12MCHINA1Use Marabu eco-friendly ink
83 Drilling machine HONGYING   HY-850TAIWAN1
84 Drilling machine HONGYING   HY-850TAIWAN1
85 Drilling machine HONGYING  HY-2500TAIWAN1
86 Drilling machine HONGYING  HY-2500TAIWAN1
87 Drilling machine HONGYING  HY-1313-1TAIWAN1
88 Drilling machine HONGYING  HY-2000ZTAIWAN1
89Grinding machine FUDAO  FDM-614S   TAIWAN1
90Grinding machine FUDAO  FDM-618STAIWAN1
91Grinding machine FUDAO FDM-250AHTAIWAN1
92 grinding machine FUDAO FDM-60100TAIWAN1
94Oil temperature machine BESTENBSTO-9HJAPAN1
95Oil temperature machine BESTENBSTO-9HJAPAN1
96Oil temperature machine BESTENBSTO-12HJAPAN1
97Oil temperature machine BESTENBSTO-18HJAPAN1
98Cooling water machineXIECHENGXC-L10WCHINA1
99Cooling water machineXIECHENGXC-L10WCHINA1
100Cooling water machineXIECHENGXC-L15WCHINA1
101Cooling water machineXIECHENGXC-L15WCHINA
102Ultrasonic machineDANRELDR-2020CHINA1
103Assembly line 11
104Assembly line 21
105Assembly line 31
106Assembly line 41
107Assembly line 51
108Assembly line 61
109Dust-free workshop  2000 square meters