Difficulties in the production of PET plastic packaging bottles

Difficulties in the production of PET plastic packaging bottles

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Release time: 05-2615:59 Guangzhou Yunhui Plastic Packaging Container Co., Ltd. official account

Speaking of cosmetics, everyone is very familiar, but few people pay attention to cosmetic plastic bottles. Now the material of glass bottles is still the mainstream of cosmetics. Because of its texture, and now the market is fierce, the development cycle of glass packaging bottles is relatively long. , Does not conform to the behavioral changes in the consumer market. As soon as new products are launched, one of their own customers may be missing. Therefore, in the cosmetics market, product packaging needs to be upgraded every once in a while, and plastic bottles stand at these points. An invincible place, can be developed and designed in a short time, the delivery time is also fast, lightweight, easy to transport and not easy to break, packaging bottles also played a role in promoting and determining the market in the cosmetics market;

The rapid changes in the market have brought huge transformation and follow-up problems to manufacturers. Now PET plastic bottles are only suitable for cosmetic liquids and powders. Of course, they are widely used in shampoo plastic bottles and washing and care products. In cosmetics, it is still not completely covered, and the materials are constantly being followed up. The changes in materials by manufacturers require a long period of adaptation to make high-quality products, and PET plastic bottles can be transparent. And translucent, the effect will be more high-end, such as the current PETG material and nano material, which are expected to be corrosion-resistant and tough, with high recovery rate, can have gorgeous color, surface gloss, and good texture;

Breakthroughs in materials; breakthroughs in bottle shapes; development of molds; all are great challenges for plastic bottle manufacturers; but I believe that there will be more unexpected surprises in the future market;