Personalized design of plastic bottles popular in the world

Personalized design of plastic bottles popular in the world

      There are too many choices for plastic bottle design and packaging on the market. They are often personalized, young, or classic. Out of date, consumers often do not care too much about the product itself when they first touch the packaging. For example, I am such a type. In a market where peer competition has accumulated, products do not seem too important, and they are all "looks international" parties. Only by grasping the trend of design development can we establish ourselves in an invincible position;

    We wait and see the market a lot, in fact, it is not difficult to find that many manufacturers are "followers". As long as a well-known brand or whose product is sold, many product packaging will be close to it, and few have made breakthroughs in plastic bottle design. . Obviously in terms of bottle shape, we have stepped into homogeneity in design and concept, and there is no way to form a competitive advantage in packaging design. Then, for local cosmetics, they are divided into high, medium and low grades. In the entire market, if you are designing Being able to make a breakthrough and setting a precedent is a differentiated strategy. Consumers also use their subjective consciousness to determine their buying habits, which is equivalent to our consciousness of giving hotels and scenic spots a grade, 6 stars, 5 stars, etc., the differentiated packaging editor thinks that it is better to do Bawang shampoo, giving the soul, differentiation, everyone remembers that Bawang shampoo is the same as the hair loss, dandruff, and baldness; this is what Differentiated packaging; but there is still no obvious star-shaped packaging in the packaging industry, but it will only be given adjectives, classic models, luxury models, etc.;

The products are packaged in stars, avoiding the strategy of branding, which not only makes consumers refresh on the shelves, but also improves the memory and exposure of the brand, which is conducive to the visual certification of consumers. But it will be very shocked to the plastic bottle manufacturers;