Plastic bottle replacement opens hundreds of billions of markets

Plastic bottle replacement opens hundreds of billions of markets

Over 2,600 companies have been deployed

    Statistics show that my country has implemented a "plastic restriction order" for more than 10 years and has achieved good results so far. Relevant data shows that the average annual growth rate of the use of plastic bags in my country has dropped from more than 20% in 2008 to less than 3%. In this context, many places have upgraded the "plastic restriction order" to open the door to alternative markets for plastic products. Recently, Shanxi has introduced relevant policies that will focus on one-off plastic products and actively explore the banned control mode. In June 2020, the "Shandong Province Further Strengthens the Implementation of Plastic Pollution Control Program" was issued, requiring that by the end of 2020, Shandong Non-degradable disposable plastic products are prohibited in the catering service of provincial catering industry and urban built-up areas and scenic spots in prefecture-level cities; meanwhile, Henan Province issued the "Action Plan for Accelerating the Treatment of White Pollution and Promoting the Construction of Beautiful Henan", saying that it will take the lead in Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Puyang, Xuchang, and other four pilot cities built areas prohibit or restrict the production, sales, and use of some plastic products;</p><p>Beijing from May 1, focusing on farmers' markets and convenience stores , Supermarkets and other commodity retail places, carry out a three-month plastic bag special rectification action... Hainan began from April to November in steps and phases to organize key industries and venues to take the lead in carrying out the "plastic ban" pilot For work, it is planned to formally “prohibit plastic” from December. Compared with the previous "plastic restrictions", the upgraded version is more inclined to "disable". Therefore, the huge market demand will provide a broad market space for biodegradable plastics. Some professional organizations predict that with the support of national and local policies, my country's degradable plastics market is expected to reach a scale of nearly 100 billion within ten years. It is understood that the current scope of business includes "biodegradation, photodegradation, chemical degradation, and degradability", and the status of the enterprise is 2,677 enterprises that are in business, surviving, moving in, and moving out. ,

    As early as the beginning of this year, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued the "Opinions on Further Strengthening the Control of Plastic Pollution", requiring all regions to start using non-degradable plastic products in steps. , Standardize a batch of" ideas. According to statistics, my country now consumes 700,000 to 800,000 tons of plastic bags each year and more than 1.2 million tons of agricultural plastic film. Once a large-scale replacement is achieved, it will provide a broad market space for biodegradable plastics. For now, the promotion of biodegradable plastics in China is slow, and the capacity utilization rate is still low. Data shows that in 2018, the domestic degradable plastics production capacity reached 450,000 tons, the output was 135,000 tons, and the capacity utilization rate was only 30%. The capacity of biodegradable plastics in 2019 will be approximately 520,000 tons, an increase of 15.6%. As can be seen from the policies of various places, public places such as restaurants, farmers' markets, and convenience stores are the first places to implement the replacement of degradable plastic products. This also means that driven by the rapid development of emerging industries such as express delivery and takeout, the market space for biodegradable plastics will erupt in recent years.

Data shows that China's express delivery business volume exceeded 60 billion pieces in 2019; takeaways should be packaged according to the classification of fresh and frozen goods and daily necessities, so that each order must use at least two packaging bags, and dozens of delivery personnel are within 5 kilometers It will be delivered within one hour at the earliest, and about 2,500 orders will be delivered in one day. The market for biodegradable plastic products hidden behind these numbers is also huge.

   Despite this, biodegradable plastics are still in the promotion stage due to the high cost and high technical barriers. Therefore, in the future, degradable materials should pay attention to optimizing the production process and improve the production efficiency of processing equipment to reduce production costs. At the same time, they must also pay attention to the research and development of material degradation aids or additives, composite degradable materials, and realize the industrialization of degradable materials as soon as possible. produce.

On the other hand, the policy should be improved as soon as possible. At present, the policy clearly proposes to support the promotion and application of biodegradable plastics, but there is no clear regulation on how to recycle and dispose of such materials and products. At this stage, there are still many difficulties in urgent need of biodegradable plastic products in China The breakthrough should speed up the establishment of a sound management system for biodegradable plastic products, in order to restrict and regulate the market of degradable plastics.